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Give Your Customers something to take home from the amazing nights they have at your venue with our fixed photo booths.

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    Free 30 day trial and free maintenance forever. No deposit or cost to you.

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    Your branding on the photo booth and photostrips, and your guests will post about all of it.

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    Do you have a 800x1400mm space in your business that isn’t making you money? Put a photo booth there, and watch the hype build.

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    it’s an opportunity to elevate your event to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Some of Our Booths

Clubs - Robust and strong for any environment:

Step up the excitement at your club with our Clubs booth – designed to withstand the energetic atmosphere and provide lasting memories. Its sturdy build ensures uninterrupted photo fun amidst the pulsating beats and vibrant ambiance. From dimly lit dance floors to crowded VIP areas, this booth delivers high-quality prints without missing a beat. Elevate your club experience with our robust photo solution that’s as resilient as your venue.

Bars - Bring that extra element to your bar:

Transform your bar into a hotspot for unforgettable moments with our Bars booth – the perfect addition to your venue’s atmosphere. Let your patrons capture the essence of their night out with custom photo experiences, adding a unique touch to their visit. Whether it’s a casual hangout or a bustling nightlife scene, our booth brings an extra element of fun and entertainment to your bar. Enhance customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more with memorable photo souvenirs.

Festivals - Engage your patrons and give them something to take home:

Attract crowds and enhance the festival experience with our Festivals booth – a dynamic way to engage attendees and create lasting mementos. From music festivals to food fairs, our booth adds an interactive element that resonates with festival-goers of all ages. Let your patrons capture the magic of the event with personalized photos they can cherish long after the festivities end. With customizable options and instant prints, our booth ensures everyone leaves with a tangible memory to treasure from your festival.

Australia’s Leading Fixed Photo-booth Company

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Looking to elevate your club, bar, or festival experience? Look no further! At The Instabooth, we specialise in providing top-of-the-line photo booths to entertainment venues across Australia—absolutely FREE!

💡 Why Choose The Instabooth?

📷 Captivating Experience: Treat your guests to a classic and fun-filled photo booth experience, leaving them with cherished memories to share.

🚀 Amplify Your Marketing: With The InstaBooth, you don’t just get a photo booth; you gain a powerful marketing tool! Witness a surge in social media engagement and brand exposure, all at zero risk or cost to you.

🎁 30-Day Risk-Free Trial: We believe in the magic of our photo booths so much that we offer you a complimentary 30-day trial. If you love the experience (which we’re sure you will), it’s a win-win! If not, no worries—we’ll swiftly remove the booth with absolutely no charge.

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